What is the average cost for Ceremonies at The Ridge?

  • 200 guests ranges from $2500 + tax
  • Additional chairs $6.00 each available upon request plus tax

*Prices will vary during our off season (January-March)*

Is the ridge available for ceremonies?

Yes! However, Ceremony only weddings may only take place Monday-Friday and Sundays.

What is the capacity for ceremony?

225 guests

Can I do a ceremony and reception at The Ridge:

Absolutely !

If I have the ceremony at The Ridge do I have to have the reception at The Venue?

No, you may select the venue of your choice for your reception.

Does The Ridge offer a covered area for the ceremony in case of rain?

No, however a tent can be rented in case of rain.


  • Fits: 200 people
  • Price: $1400
  • TENT: 40 X 50 WHITE

  • Fits: 100 people
  • Price: $1120
  • Clear tent will be $1900
  • Clear tent with clear side walls $2,300

  • You may reserve a tent for your date and you have up to two full days prior to your event to cancel.
  • A 25% deposit will be required upfront, this will take care of any cancellations.

Does The Ridge have a structure / shelter of any kind?

Yes, The Ridge has The Chateau with 5,000 sq feet of french and spanish inspired space.

Who owns The Ridge?

The Ridge is a privately owned facility owned by Marta Santamaria who also owns The Venue, the sister location to The Ridge, located in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC.

How long do I have use of the Ceremony site?

3 hours - please discuss with your event specialist if you are in need of more time.

What is included with the ceremony rental?

  • Chairs and set up, up to 225 guests. Additional chairs $6.00 each including set up
  • Staff
  • 3 hours total use of the property

What hotels accommodate nearby?

There are a number of great cabins, lodges, B&B’s, and hotel accommodations within 25 miles of The Ridge. Accommodations can be found among our collection of Exclusive Vendors.

Are we a same sex friendly venue?

The Ridge is proud to support and welcome love in all forms. We believe in a love that does not discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or any other factor. At The Ridge, the GLBTQ community will find friends, safety, respect, and joy. We are a gay friendly wedding venue in Western North Carolina.

Do I need to purchase event insurance?

No, our facility is fully insured.

Is the ceremony site handicap accessible?

Yes, we provide a golf cart ride to the ceremony site for any guests who need it.

Is smoking allowed?

No smoking is allowed at the residence, a designated smoking area will be the only place on the property that smoking is allowed.

Are dogs allowed for the ceremony?

We love dogs! They are allowed during the ceremony as long as there isn’t any food out. We request they are on a leash.

Can I rehearse?

Practice does make perfect! Your event specialist will work with you on a date and time that the property is available for use before your big day!

Can cars be left overnight?

No, cars cannot be left overnight.

Can I visit The Ridge without an appointment?

Since The Ridge is a private facility, we request that you have an appointment for a tour of the grounds and its facilities. Any meetings with vendors involved with the event must be prearranged with your Event Specialist.

What are the sizes of the tables?

Cocktail and bistro tables are 28in. X 28in. square. The Ceremony Site Capacity: 250 seated for ceremony

Can I do the ceremony at The Ridge and Reception at The Venue?

Yes, that is one option, but it is not required.

Can the reception be held at The Venue (our downtown location)?

Yes! Please speak with your Event Specialist for current pricing and information. www.ashevillevenue.com

Do we offer planning services?

Yes, we offer full in house planning services. Please visit www.theplanningasheville.com for more information.

Is there parking on site?

Yes, there are 55 parking spots available at The Ridge. If you wish to have your guests shuttled, we will be happy to reserve transportation, additional charges will apply

Does The Ridge offer food services?

We only offer ‘small bites’ for post ceremony cocktail hours when the reception is held at The Venue Only.

Are specialty colored linens available?

Yes, specialty linens are available. Please speak to your event specialist about the linen options available.

Are specialty chairs/décor available?

Yes, we can provide a number of rental items. Ask your event specialist for pricing

Who is responsible for set up of tables and chairs?

The Ridge staff

Who is responsible for cleanup of tables?

The Ridge Staff is responsible for the cleanup of tables.

Is there a guest book area?

Yes, available upon request.

Is there a fee for outside vendors?

No, there is no fee for outside vendors.

When are vendors allowed on site?

Vendors are allowed to be in the building 2 hours prior to the start of the event.

Can items be left overnight?

No, we require all vendors to remove all items brought in for the event after the event is over. If items are left, there will be a $250.00 fee.

Does The Ridge require the use of their bartenders?

Yes, in compliance with NC State Law.

Do you check I.D.s?

Yes, we check I.D.s as it is required by law for us to do so. We reserve the right to check identification as well as refuse service to anyone showing signs of extreme intoxication. It is our job to make sure guests are safe from harm and especially from drinking and driving.

Can I provide my own alcohol/liquor?

No, The Ridge does not allow clients to provide their own alcohol/liquor. No outside beverages are allowed on the property.

Is outside catering allowed?

Yes, outside catering is allowed. Please organize specifics with your event specialist.

Do you provide non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes, we have an assortment of Coca Cola products, sweet/un-sweet tea, lemonade, and regular/decaffeinated coffee. Speak to your event specialist on the different items available, for we can accommodate for any kind of non-alcoholic beverage the client prefers at their event.

Is tipping required?

Gratuity is configured in the bill, but additional tips are of course much appreciated by our staff as they work very hard to make sure all guests are served at an exceptional level.

What is the service charge?

The service charge is 20% of the combined cost for Food and Beverage, if any.

Is a sound system provided?

No, The Ridge does not have a sounds system.

Is music for ceremony permitted?

Yes, but there is no access to electricity at the ceremony site, only at the residence. This is ideal for musicians during the processional.

Can the residence be rented for short term stay?

Yes, your event specialist can send you information and pricing.

How many does the residence accommodate?

The Residence sleeps up to 10-12 guests.

Can I rent the residence to get ready the day of the ceremony only?


What is the cost for time to get ready, how long do I have the residence?

$1,500 + tax - Catering services are available upon request. You will have the residence from 8:00 am until after ceremony time for a total use of 9 hours.